DryerJack® 486 Extra Clearance Roof Vent

The DryerJack® is built tough in the USA. Manufactured with heavy gauge Galvalume® steel and designed for low-profile, airflow-efficient performance. The hood’s wide opening, protected by a patented, curved damper, is cleaning tool accessible...
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Every DryerJack® is built tough right here in the U.S. By design, the extra clearance model 486 is airflow efficient, and deters pest entry. It includes a removable access door for easy duct cleaning

  • Rugged 26 Gauge Galvalume ®
  • Complies With IMC 504.4 & IRC 1502.3
  • Flange Includes Nail Holes for Fast Installation
  • Flange has Rounded Flange Corners for Easier Handling
  • Built-in 4" Water-tight Collar Protrudes 1.25" into Hood 3" into Duct

DryerJacks are optimally designed for a roof pitch between 3/12 and 12/12.  Roof pitch in excess of 45 degrees will render the damper ineffective.

Before installation ensure that the substrate (roofing material) is uniform and even. Installation shall be made in accordance with recognized sheet metal practices. SMACNA Architectural Sheet Metal Manual 6th Ed. Specifications shall be used as a guide and basis for detail whenever applicable.

NOTE: Recommended use of this product is for exhaust of warm dry or slightly moist air only. This product is not intended for venting exhaust grease or liquid.