About Retrofit Drains

Retrofit roof drains are designed to replace existing drains in reroofing applications. Installed from the roof surface, Retrofit drains are engineered to be installed without removing the existing plumbing or fixture while providing a watertight connection to the roof system and the existing plumbing.

After removing the existing strainer/dome and clamp ring, the retrofit/insert drain can simply be inserted into the existing roof drain pipe. These drains utilize an expansion seal that prevents water from backing up between the gap of the original drain pipe and the stem of the new insert drain. The backup seal is critical in preventing leaks caused by backflow pressure.



O-Rings: Rubber O-rings are placed on the stem of the insert drain and fill the gap between the existing drain and the insert drain stem.

Gasket: A rubber gasket with flexible ribs on the insert drain wedges between the existing drain and the insert drain stem.

Mechanical Expansion Seal: An expansion seal is expanded by activating fasteners.

Expanding Tape: When the protective release paper is removed, the expanding tape reacts to the moisture in the air and expands. This fills the gap between the insert drain's stem and the existing drain pipe.


Aluminum: Spun aluminum body and strainer/dome with an aluminum clamp ring.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel body, and aluminum or cast iron strainer/dome.

Copper: Copper body with a cast aluminum or plastic dome.

Plastic: Plastic body with a plastic or cast aluminum dome.