Thunderbird Adjustable Hole Covers (Full Case Quantity)

•for use with 2" to 12" concrete core holes
•saves time and money
•installs in seconds
•locks into place, preventing accidents and injuries
•prevents OSHA citations
•no more buying, cutting, and...
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The Thunderbird Products hole cover is a core cover designed to adjust to any diameter opening 2" to 6" or 6" to 12" for use on construction concrete sites and residential projects. Our hole covers are made of a hardened polymer that is reusable and recyclable. The simple three-pronged design makes installation fast and easy. Sold in boxes of twenty-five units per box, each box includes the hole covers themselves, three barrels per cover, and three pan-head screws per cover for installation. The hole covers are specifically designed to cover core holes until the contractor is ready to install electrical, plumbing, or data lines.

A premier standard for workplace safety and 100% Made in the USA, our hole core covers are designed to be adjustable and vary to your diameter needs. A volume discount is available on orders of four boxes and above.

  • for use with 2" to 12" concrete core holes
  • saves time and money
  • reusable
  • installs in seconds
  • locks into place, preventing accidents and injuries
  • prevents OSHA citations
  • no more buying, cutting, and assembling disposable wood covers
  • construction site hole cover easy to install and reuse

Sold only by the case.