Josam 23510 Roof Drain - Large Sump with 14" Diameter Extra Heavy Duty Cast Iron Parking Grate

Used on large roofs or decks designed for heavy traffic such as parking decks and loading docks. Large round extra heavy-duty grate provides ample free area for proper drainage. WejLoc compression flashing clamp holds the membrane or flashing...
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23510 Series coated cast iron Roof Drain, round extra heavy-duty grate set in round secured frame, WEJLOC non-puncturing flashing collar with weep holes, for 2" roof fill, large sump with wide roof flange and bottom outlet

Cross Reference for WADE 3400 is Josam 23510.


Josam 23510 Roof Drain: Roof Drain: Large Sump w/14" Dia. Extra Heavy Duty C.I. Parking Grate Specification Sheet

Josam 23510-10 Fixed Extension Collar Specification Sheet